Counselling centre for victims of sexualised violence

Sexual violence includes everything from unpleasant looks, to undesired physical contact, to rape. Sexual violence against children and young people is especially serious.

Breaches of sexual self-determination have penal consequences. The victims suffer from serious emotional wounds. Victims of sexual violence must therefore be protected and supported in the processing of their experiences. Sexual violence always represents a violation of a person’s personal rights, it is an attack on the right to self-determination and on human dignity.

Sexualised violence occurs most often where it is the least expected and where we feel the safest: amongst families and friends, in leisure facilities, at the workplace. In addition, experiences (of abuse) during childhood that have not been properly processed can hinder a successful future life.

The counselling centre offers...

The counselling centre offers expert support to those who are affected, in looking for individual help that is important to end the (violent) situation and to process the experiences.

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