The intervention centre

The constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany from the 23/05/1949 guarantees the two following fundamental rights, among others: “The dignity of men is unimpeachable” (Article 1 Paragraph 1) and “Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity” (Article 2 Paragraph 2).

The "Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence" entered into force in Germany as a legally binding human rights instrument at the beginning of February 2018. In order to ensure a comprehensive approach in fighting violence against women, the text of the Convention includes all forms of gender-specific violence against women – physical, emotional and sexual violence, but also stalking, genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Nobody has the right to threaten, abuse, isolate, coerce, humiliate or stalk you. Every person has the right to a self-determined life without violence.

The intervention centre offers help to adult women and men who are victims of domestic violence and stalking, regardless of their nationality, confession or origin. We counsellors are subject to an obligation of confidentiality, we counsel without cost and anonymously if desired.

Our primary work principle is a proactive action approach. This means that the police transfer their data to us when they become aware of a violent situation – with the consent of the affected person – so that we can contact the victims.

For the affected persons and their support persons, there is also the possibility, at any time, of contacting us directly or via third parties (doctor’s visit, youth welfare office, authorities).

We counsel by telephone or in person, at your home if you wish.
We will inform you about the civil-right protection possibilities of the German Protection Against Violence Act and provide you with help in formulating applications.
We establish individual threat assessments.
We will support you and your children in planning your safety and establish an individual safety plan with you.
We offer psychosocial counselling and practical aid in emergencies.
We offer stabilisation in crisis situations and the physical and mental space necessary to speak about your experiences.
We can accompany you to lawyers, authority offices, the police and the courts.
If desired, we can put you in touch with further support offers.

In addition, we can also offer working groups that address this issue and are involved in the intervention process, educational offers and informational events.

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