Advice for specialists

We offer advice to you as a pedagogical specialist if:

A person has reported sexualised violence to you.
You suspect that a person is affected by sexualised violence.
You require an estimation of risk in accordance with § 8a of the German Social Security Statute Book VIII. An anonymous case review is possible.
You need support because an assault took place among children, young people or colleagues in an establishment.
You desire support for a case conference with various professional groups. The case conference serves to discuss what is to be done if there is a suspicion of sexual abuse and to coordinate tasks.
You require support as a professional dealing with the subject of sexual abuse.
You would like to implement fundamental education on the subjects of sexual violence, intervention, pedagogy regarding trauma, offensive children, sexual violence and disability, sexual development and protection concepts in establishments.

You can find educational offers in the flyers in the resources section. If your topic is not included, let us know and we will include it!


According to the guidelines of the Federal Agency for the prevention of sexual abuse against girls and boys, prevention work should contribute to the prevention and abolishing of sexualised violence against girls and boys in the long term. In an acute situation, it aims to quickly end ongoing abuse and offer protection to girls and boys against further violent actions.

Successful prevention includes competences from various fields of work. Networking is a cornerstone of prevention. Furthermore, knowledge about intervention, fundamental knowledge about the dynamics of sexual abuse and sustainability are further elements of successful prevention work.

We offer prevention for the following target groups:

Kindergarten children
Primary school children
Children and young people in further education
People with restrictions in living and working facilities
Company employees (sexual limit violations in the everyday work environment)
All other interested citizens

The prevention offers are provided in a variety of manners that are adapted to the target group, in the form of presentations, workshops, small group work, displays and theatre plays. We will discuss everything with you in advance.

Preschool and primary school ages

Children in preschool and primary school ages are those who are affected the most frequently by sexualised violence. Child-specific educational work is an essential component of prevention.

Prevention should give joy, not fear. This is why we design our approach of the subjects in a child-specific way, for example through role playing games, picture books, discussions, creative and sports activities. The work is adapted to the gender, depending on the age of the children.

Subjects that are addressed in the work with children include:

Your body belongs to you!
Trust your feelings!
There is pleasant and unpleasant touching!
You are allowed to say NO!
There are good and bad secrets!
You are allowed to get help! (You are allowed to tell others of your troubles!)

Prevention work with children always includes parent and teacher information.

Young people

Young people can be affected by sexual violence in their families or among their friends. Joy in experimenting with their sexuality is confronted with their personal limits at this age. Offenders (including those of the same age) take advantage of the adolescents trying to maintain this balancing act.

Subject examples for young people:

Sexualised verbal abuse through dirty words and gestures
Showing pornography (videos, pictures)
Voyeurism, exhibitionism
Taking and distributing intimate photos and videos (without the agreement of the affected person)
Happy slapping (recording violent and sexual assaults)
Sexualised mobbing, bullying of another person, esp. in the sexual area (incl. cyber mobbing)
Sexual assaults in chatrooms and on social networks
Grabbing, forced kissing
Undesired touching
Rape (penetration of the mouth, vagina or anus with the penis, a finger or an object)
Sexual violence during a date (date rape)

You can find more information from our flyers about our educational offers.

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