For children and young people

Maybe you have already heard of sexual child abuse recently: on the television, on the Internet or in the newspapers. Or maybe a friend told you about it.

By sexual child abuse, we mean when children (boys and girls), are looked at, touched or kissed unpleasantly against their wishes (will). These people then try to threaten the children for example, or to blackmail them. These children are then scared.

They are often people who are close to the children and are otherwise liked by the children.

These tips should help you to know for sure and get help if you need it.

When girls and boys come to us, they tell us of adults, young people or other children behaving very badly indeed.

The children told us, for example, that:

somebody wanted to touch them
they were made to look at pictures of naked people
they were made to have odd photos taken of them, naked
that they were touched on their bum or breasts
that they were made to touch somebody else on their bum, their breast, their penis or their vagina
that they were asked questions about their naked body on the Internet
that they were told to take pictures of themselves naked

These people can be strangers to you, or you may know them very well. They could be from your family, your school (teacher/pupil), from your leisure club or friends and neighbours of your parents. Sadly, some children experience that which we have described.

That is why there are some important messages for you

Nobody has the right to scare you!
It is never your fault!
Trust yourself and your feelings!
You are allowed to get help!
You are allowed to protect yourself when someone touches you!

What can you do with us?

Come round during the opening times
Contact us without mentioning your name
Call, write or come round without an appointment, as often as you want
Talk about what you want to
Bring a person you trust
Decide how much help you want us to give you

What will we do?

Believe you and listen to you
Accompany and support you
Not do anything without your agreement
Search with you for ways of ending the abusive situation
Give you good preparation if you want to file a complaint
Tell you everything we know about sexual abuse

We know,

that many girls and boys are and were forced to experience sexual abuse
that it is difficult to talk about
that it requires a lot of bravery to come see us
that children and young people are never to blame
that nobody has the right to hurt you
that you have the right to get help and to talk about your experience.

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