Becoming brave with Til Tiger


A training program for socially unsure, shy children aged 5 to 10

General informationen

Course fee: 75€
A reimbursement of the course fee by the health insurance is possible, depending on the age of the child – please contact your health insurance about this point before the beginning of the course!
Place and time: The premises of the counselling centre at Bruchstraße 1, one session per week, approx. 1 hour

This training is suitable for children who, for example,

only make friends with difficulty and have trouble maintaining friendships
are scared, for example of presenting something to the class
are scared of making a fool of themselves or of failing
do not dare express their own ideas or desires
are not able to assert themselves and do not dare say NO

Training goals

Learning stress management strategies
Improving self-confidence
Constructing new, practical coping strategies
Encouraging the use of existing concepts in social situations

Training structure/session contents

2 single sessions, 9 group sessions
Individual analysis of everyday situations that scare the children
Self-confident behaviour in stressful situations is practised by the children in role-playing games
Step by step, the situations become more difficult and stress management strategies are established and practised
The skills newly learnt during the sessions should be implemented in practice at home and in other stressful situations
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