The association

In the autumn of 1993, the association 'Miß-Mut' was founded on the basis of a working group, with a name meaning 'Missbrauchten Mut machen' (Giving courage to abused people).

At the beginning of 1994, the Counselling Centre for Victims of Sexualised Violence was opened in the Moltkestraße street. It has been located in the Associations Centre at Bruchstraße 1 since February 1997.

We are the sole contact point in northern Saxony-Anhalt for people who are affected directly or indirectly by sexualised violence.

In October 2005, the counselling offer of the association was extended. The Intervention centre for victims of domestic violence started its work. Since then, we have especially supported women who have experienced violence in their relationship.

In January 2007, with the establishment of the penal offense status of stalking, the offer of the intervention centre was complemented by counselling for victims of stalking. Victims of stalking are people who are or risk being the victims of persistent stalking.

Our association only counts a few members. Currently, we employ two professional counsellors. We would be glad to welcome more voluntary supporters to the association. Do not hesitate to apply with the counselling centre.

The association receives funding from the Ministry of Justice and Equality of the region of Saxony-Anhalt, the district of Stendal and the Hanseatic city of Stendal.

Mission statement/Principles

Our basis is a victim and affected persons-oriented self-image. We include a political position in this, which is against structural violence and any form of discrimination against people in our society.
We work on the side of the victims and affected persons. This means: we put the self-determination of the people who come to us in the centre of our actions.
We approach people with appreciation and consideration.
We see victims and affected persons as experts of their living situation, who actively manage their lives and make their own decisions.
We understand mental difficulties and odd behaviour to be survival strategies that have a given function.
We work in a resource-oriented way. This means: we support people so that they can (re)discover their own strength and capabilities.
We act confidentially and respectfully with the issues of the person seeking counsel.
The counselling is based on willingness.
The counsellors act in coordination with the person seeking counsel.
If children are affected, child protection and the legal requirements in case of an endangerment of child welfare are major points of focus.
The counsellors continue to educate themselves, build networks and make use of supervision.
The counsellors maintain their professional and private limits.
The honorary board supports the counsellors and creates the structures necessary for the association’s work to be successful.

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